Why Choose Us

Craft Construction’s experienced team has completed over $4 billion in construction. $2.5 Billion has been heavily focused on Commercial Office, Multifamily and Hospitality.  With more than 150 years of combined top level experience, Craft’s team is a proven industry leader that offers hands on commitment as your Construction Manager, Design Builder, General Contractor and Pre-Construction Consultant.

Safety and OSHA training

Safety is our highest priority

Working in the construction industry can sometimes be dangerous. Work-related accidents can cause serious injuries, while most of these accidents are preventable. We use all available resources to help workers and employers learn more about construction safety, from OSHA compliance and safety training to fall protection and hazard communication. Learn what builders are doing to make their job sites safer – and what you can do minimize safety hazards and reduce the chance of an accident.

Training resources

We offer certified Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training as well as general construction safety training to workers and sub contractors. Classes are available upon request.

Areas of study include:

Proven Industry Leadership
Our professionals who, are adept at managing projects of varying size and complexity, will apply lessons learned techniques from past projects to ensure timely, cost effective and quality completion of your development.
Build Something Beautiful
Our approach to construction is open book and collaborative with a focus on providing value added solutions from the onset of the design and continues until final project completion.
Hands-On Commitment
Leverage our understanding of local codes and our pre-established relationships with key subcontractors and governing agencies to maximize the return on your investment.
No Excuses!
We keep score, track results and apply “lessons learned” techniques from past projects to ensure projects meet or exceed customer expectations.